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Questions about Chimney Caps for Chimney pipes

Q. Why choose a European Copper Chimney Pot (ECCP)?
A. ECCPs are a problem solving architectural enhancement for any home. They are UL-listed for masonry, B-vent, direct vent, and zero-clearance fireplaces. Our hurricane proof chimney pots keep out pests and water, while improving the draft of the fireplace. In three styles and seven sizes, ECCPs give homes exterior continuity for the first time by allowing various chimney types to be terminated with the same style cap. Designed for masonry, B-vent, zero-clearance, and direct vent fireplaces, our caps will increase curb appeal and promote a healthy environment. We have a short video detailing the many features of our chimney pots.

Q. What is the difference between ECCPs and terra cotta clay pots?
Easy to install, weigh less than 10% of equivalent size clay pot. Installation is challenging and expensive, generally requiring a crane.
Our pots will patina and age gracefully with your home - same material as the Statue of Liberty A terra cotta pot may be prone to chip and crack with age, especially when subjected to freeze thaw cycles.
The curb appeal of copper is recognized as a standard of quality? similar to granite countertops in a kitchen. As other materials on the home age and trees grow, the terra cotta pot stays orange.
Passed the UL 127 rain test so the flue stays dry A clay pot is not subject to the UL 127 rain test.
Will work and can be mounted on any type or style of chase (brick, stone, stucco, or wood) A clay pot is limited to a masonry chimney.

Q. Why is it so important to keep the flue dry?
A. One inch of water equates to approximately one gallon down a 13x18 flue. Water in the flue creates mold and mildew, which results in a health issue. Water inside the flue of a masonry chimney can "wick" into any crack and expand when it freezes or in a metal flue, rust out the liners. Rainwater is an unwelcome guest anywhere in a home, and chimneys are no exception.

Q. Why is U.L. Certification so important?
A. Peace of mind. UL tests are the most stringent in the industry and their certification means we meet the highest standards available. Peace of mind that the chimney drafts properly, not having draft loss and allowing carbon monoxide in the home. Peace of mind that it will function properly in the event of a chimney fire. Peace of mind that you can install any of our pots without LIABILITY (construction defects or errors & omissions) in the event of an insurance claim or legal dispute.

Q. How do I decide which pot and which size is right for my home?

  1. What type and size is your flue? (e.g.; is it a masonry flue tile and what size, gas fireplace, zero-clearance?)
  2. How large is the chase top, how many flues, and how high off the ground will the pots be mounted? (scale provided in the tech section of this site)

Q. Is it necessary to stagger the heights of the pots when installed next to each other?
A. The height difference is not necessary if using ECCP because of the separation and spacing of the pots.

Q. ECCPs are hurricane tested and certified, but what about lightning and hail?
A. Lightning is attracted to metal objects that have a certain vertical density and are grounded; we are neither and cannot be grounded to serve as lightning protection. Hail because of its weight falls straight down. Remember that hail damage to a car is confined to the hood, roof and trunk. The top of our pot, which is not visible from the ground, is subject to hail damage.

Q. My fireplace smokes. Will ECCPs improve the draft?
A. Yes, our pots have three U.S. patents, which means they are new and different from any previous pot or cap. The heavier, more dense cold air enters through the vents at the bottom, pushing against the column of heated air, forcing it to rise faster. It creates a venturi effect that improves drafting in most air restrictive new homes. It also makes the chimney taller adding to the stack effect.

Q. Copper is expensive. Is curb appeal, peace of mind and security worth the investment?
A. Worth every penny! Curb appeal sells homes and a copper chimney pot is the first thing buyers see before they close the car door. Think about the cross at the top of a steeple, the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae, or granite countertops in the kitchen.
The best is always a better buy. Over a 30-year mortgage, a ECCP is the equivalent of a cup of latte once a month, but you will enjoy them everyday! The homes that sell fastest are the ones with the most curb appeal. Buyers cannot see inside the walls so they look for standards of quality, like copper and granite, to get a perception of a homes quality. This architectural detail speaks volumes about a home?s construction.

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